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Free hosting for WordPress pages

The best way to create sites simply, quickly and safely.

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Create your WordPress quickly and free of charge.


All sites have SSL configured.

1 Click

Install themes and plugins with just 1 click.


Password protect each site.


Each site counts from 500Mb of private space.


Add and save notes for each of the sites.


You have access to your files through FTP.

Total Access

Access to MySQL and phpMyAdmin database.


Advanced features for your developments

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Our history

After the closing of DemosWP, Trinchera DEV collects the baton and is born to help all of you and improve the service and features.




Everything has a price ... except Trinchera DEV

Create your site for free


How can Trinchera DEV be free?

Trinchera DEV has a free version in which each user can only create a WordPress site. Sponsors help defray the overhead.

Also, we like to do our bit for the WordPress Community.

How do you earn money?

Both Anibal and Ibon have our own clients and projects. Trinchera DEV is a side project that we love and from which, with your help, perhaps we can live in the future.

In our plans is to offer payment plans with advanced features and functionality.

Who is behind Trinchera DEV?

Development and Systems: Anibal Ardid
Content and Marketing: Ibon Azkoitia

Trinchera DEV is also an important part of the Community of Trinchera WP .

Where is Trinchera DEV and its pages hosted?

We are fortunate to have Arsys as a Project Partner. Everything you see from Trinchera DEV is hosted on the servers of Arsys.

If you're curious, you can check the status of our servers: status from the servers.

What are the limits on free accounts?

In order to have everything running and safely:

  • Each site has a maximum space of 500mb
  • Each site has a MySQL database
  • PHP memory limit is 128Mb for each site

Will my pages disappear?

To keep servers clean and running at full capacity, all pages that are not active for 14 days will be deactivated.

After 30 days, the deactivated pages will be removed from the servers.